With the Huawei E5776 is now the world's first commercially available device that 4G LTE Category 4 dominates.This means that download speeds of up to 150 Mbit / s, upload speed, there are still up to 50 Mbit / s Many network operators have expanded their networks from the beginning to Category 4, so that appropriate devices make sense and are usable. Whether the German networks are already built to a Category 4 or Category 3, so far only, but unfortunately I do not know. But that does nothing, because so far the Huawei E5776 only available in Japan - until he comes to Germany, it will probably take several months, although the initial launch in July 2012 was provided. For us now is the Huawei E589 predecessor available , but only the 4G LTE category 3 can, but otherwise not much worse.


 4G LTE categories in the index:




In addition to the Huawei E5776 soon also a Category 4 to 4G LTE Surfstick come on the market, the Huawei E3276.This can surf stick from Huawei E398 as a successor to watch, because he has the same form factor with a swivel USB connector, only the speeds have been optimized. Both Huawei E5776 and E3276 are also capable of UMTS with up to 84 Mbit / s to use in the download. This is made ​​possible by an optimization of the UMTS-HSPA + DC accelerator. In addition, both of course have a MicroSD slot for memory cards, the Surf Stick also offers connectors for external antennas.

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