The sierra wireless aircard 320U, also known as the Telstra USB 4G 100Mbps 4G LTE USB Modem, is for LTE networks and offers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds up to 50 Mbps. In addition to LTE, it supports Dual Carrier HSPA+ and earlier versions of HSPA+.
Its design, which is based on the unlocked sierra wireless aircard 320U USB modem that launched in August 2010 for Dual-Carrier HSPA+ networks, is easy to use - its rotating USB hinge works with the widest variety of USB port placements.


The outlook of your device—
320U 100Mbps 4G LTE USB Modem:

External antenna connectors
Power LED
Data LED
USB Connector              

1. How to install your sierra wireless aircard 320U
The modem is TRU install enabled and does not require a CD for installation

Remove the back cover and insert the SIM card


2.Insert the modem into the slot



Attention: Plug the Unlocked Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U into your computer's USB port. The computer will detect the new hardware and start the install Shield Wizard
If your security settings prevent auto run, you must start the process manually.Open Windows Explorer, 320U 100Mbps 4G LTE USB Modem appears as a drive.Look for a file named "setup.exe" and double click it to begin the installation

Antenna Connection

To connect the antenna to the modem:

  1. Remove the back cover
  2. Pull back the antenna connector cover
  3. Replace the back cover

Problem shooting :

  1. "I am trying to install a sierra wireless air card 320u and I keep getting a error message "could not access vb script run time for custom action. Failed to install mobile broadband manager."

Answer: Microsoft has created a Fix-It for this! 
What this Fix it does is to remove incorrect or corrupt registry entries that interfere with VB support in windows and then re-registers the DLL ensuring that the correct registry setting are there. After running the Fix it solution you may be able to immediately  try the operation that previously gave you the error, but to be sure, a reboot is suggested. This will address similar issues with other programs as well and not just the applications that are specifically mentioned in this thread.

2.Windows 7 won't recognize Unlocked Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U?
Perform the following troubleshooting methods for this 320U 100Mbps 4G LTE USB Modem:
Method 1:
Set the computer to clean boot state and then check if this fixes the issue.
To set the computer in clean boot, follow the steps from the link: How to perform a clean boot
Note: After checking in clean boot, follow step: 7 from the article to reset the computer to normal boot.
Method 2:
Perform System File Check to fix the corrupted system files and then check how it works.
Refer the link  "How to use the System File Checker tool to troubleshoot missing or corrupted system files on Windows Vista or on Windows 7" to perform System File Check.
Note: It may ask for windows DVD to fix and to enable SFC to make more than minor repairs. Some files saved on your computer might get deleted when fixing corrupted files.
Method 3:
Perform the troubleshooting steps from the link “Resolving stop (blue screen) errors in Windows 7”, to stop blue screen error.


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