Huawei B970b 3G router a 3g wireless router, which not only home dial-up supports but also large transport, could be transport router . Stylish design and fashion appearance, four common crystal head interfaces, supports 3g network through an independent SIM slot, compared to the common routers, Huawei B970b 3G router biggest feature is for 3g network. Transport router Huawei B970b 3G router can carry up to 32 devices at the same time wireless access the 3g uplink speeds of up to 5.76Mbit/s downlink speed can reach 7.2Mbit/s.

The above said transports router Huawei B970b 3G router supports 3g internet has 4 common crystal head interface, only four interface can only be suitable for small families dial-up as long as one interface being connected with an external network cable , pick out another root of the network cable from the other crystal head interface and then connect it to the computer equipment, last do the appropriate settings to your Internet access equipment. In fact, Huawei B970b 3G router (transports router) is not limited to home, better for small, medium and large transports like the subway, buses, cars, turn into a transport router. If you want 3G Router to be used in large transport, one device is indispensable. That is UPS(Uninterruptible Power System) UPS is an energy storage device, which is widely used in electronic storage equipments, it can put AC into DC, and has good protection of electronic equipments. UPS can also be used for all modes of transport such as buses, cars, the elevator equipment would be most familiar to.

We all know that this router to work only under the conditions of the power, the UPS will be able to as the router power supply equipment. It is simple, if Huawei B970b 3G router can be installed in an UPS of transports(buses, cars), then the Huawei B970b 3G router has become transport router and to be mobile hotspot, then it will not be trouble to use your MID access the Internet. Insert the 3g card, the near mobile devices access 3g network via Wi-Fi. You can also in the first crystal interface to access an external signal amplification devices, which supports more built-in Wi-Fi access, but one thing need to understand is that the highest 3g uplink and downlink speeds of transport router Huawei B970b 3G router supports will not change. In my opinion this 3G Router is ideal for cars and buses, because the share of the speed for each mobile device is bound to be much small, if too many mobile devices via Wi-Fi are accessing in the limited-speed network! Installed this transport router in buses and cars, network speed is a good match with the number of users.


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