ZTE MF80 is one of the hottest products in 3g product market, perhaps its beautiful design and high quality make it really a good taste for internet lovers. And maybe the following reasons may explain why ZTE MF80 mobile hotspot is so popular in the market.


OLED display technology

The display screen of this unlocked ZTE MF80 is created by using a new type of OLED display technology. Compared with traditional LCD display, new OLED screen of ZTE MF80 mobile hotspot can display without backlight. ZTE MF80 is made of very thin coating of organic material and the glass substrate. The organic materials can emit light when the current through display screen. OLED display screen can be done lighter and thinner, larger viewing angle, and can definitely save power consumption. The new generation of OLED display technology has overcome the weakness of short life, so it directly promote the life time of ZTE MF80.


Portable Body Size

Unlocked ZTE MF80 has smooth body type with a streamlined mechanical design, there is no angular at all. ZTE MF80 mobile hotspot is mainly with carbon black match with deep red. Its front and back are carbon black while the side is covered around with deep red, shining and eye-catching. Unlocked ZTE MF80 is with a body size of 102*53*16.6mm, and weighs less than 100g, it looks more like a portable phone, it very easy to carry when travel.


One-touch connect

This unlocked ZTE MF80 is one-touch connect, very easy to use. On the right side of this ZTE MF80 mobile hotspot, there are four buttons, network button, power button, SMS button and WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button. Unlocked ZTE MF80 mobile hotspot is very easy to use to get access the 3G network. You just put the SIM(you have got a 3g network service account) into the SIM slot, press the power button, you will see Network connection status on the screen, if unconnected, press the top button to connect the 3G network. If you don’t want to share your 3G network, you just press the WPS button for encryption.  


High Speed: 42Mbps

There’s an amazing point that this unlocked ZTE MF80 mobile hotspot can provide a high download speed of up to 42Mbps while the upload speed can be up to 5.76Mbps. there won’t be any problems using ZTE MF80 mobile hotspot for browsing the webs, watching videos online, listening to music, chatting online, and even playing online games.


Mobile Hotspot, supporting 10 devices

This mobile 3G router could be use as a mobile hotspot to share your network with others for some MID, like PDAs, smart phones, tablet PC, notebooks, it can support ten accessing Wi-Fi devices at the same time. Addition, it could settled in cars or elevators if got an UPS for providing continuous power.


4.5-Hour working time, 100-Hour standby time

Operation times and performance of battery may vary depending on operator network configuration, signal strength and usage. Unlocked ZTE MF80’s battery created by using today's most cutting-edge battery manufacturing technology, it can provide a 4.5-hour working time and 100-hour standby time., there is no doubt that unlocked ZTE MF80 can ensure enough time for the Network Office when you travel on business.