Huawei b183 WebCube the Wi-Fi access point, in addition to its basic functions also carries stylish. Huawei b183 WebCube as the name implies cube, as well as the operation in light blue.


Alone Wi-Fi access point consists of two pieces. Extension to the bottom of the cube and the device itself, which is the upper part. Device itself is on top of the key with which it is possible to switch the device off / turn on a blue and Wi-Fi signal, which emits light at a standstill. On the right edge of the cap on the reset button and input for external antenna on the right side led to the SIM card, but below the micro USB port.


Huawei b183 WebCube Internet connection established with HSPA + (HSDPA up to 21.6Mbps and HSUPA up to 5.76Mbps). Wi-Fi connections, the IEEE 802.11 b / g / n in the full spectrum of 40MHz, which means that the pace here is limited to 135Mbps. It is possible to connect up to 5 devices, but I reach a floor, which means that it is possible to cover 3 when the device is in the middle.


Sam is extremely easy connection. After inserting the SIM card and connect to electricity, it is necessary to connect the device. We do this to connect to a device whose name the SSID B183-252a. The code is written on the inside of the extension and the instructions in "WIFI KEY". Afterwards, odsurfati to and enter the PIN code. To access the administrator is required to enter an admin password.



I set the settings as varied. The home screen provides an overview of device connections. SMS tab allows you to read and write SMS. Advanced settings allow its subgroups in different settings in profiles of access, LAN settings (eg, access point name, key, ...), Security settings, and contains among other things, firewall, IP filtering, Virtual server ...


Huawei b183 WebCube so can substitute classical (žičnemu) access to the Internet, where it is not possible or is impractical. To give an excellent example. in the summer house. Besides all the good features but has a bad one and it's blue light, which is a lovely decorative ornament, a night is quite annoying. Unfortunately, options in the settings to turn off the light and is not the only option so hard off the lights after the opening of the device.


Wi-Fi access point, Huawei b183 WebCube was loaned for testing T-Mobile.


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