The construction of LTE networks in Germany by the mobile network operators is proceeding. The manufacturers of LTE hardware bring appropriate equipment on the market. The telecommunications equipment, Huawei now announces the upcoming commercial use of the Huawei B593. According to the company the world's first LTE TDD wireless router should be used as early as October in the network of the Saudi Arabian mobile operator Mobily. With the router can be achieved by LTE download speeds of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbit / s). At the same world many LTE TDD networks are launched.



Huawei B593 100Mbps LTE Router uses TDD method

Back in December of last year, Huawei in Germany, the world's first LTE FDD router on the market. The frequency division duplex method (FDD) Information on different frequencies are transmitted in the simultaneous transmission and reception is possible.


Where now presented Huawei B593 router is the first time at the other hand, an LTE router the time division duplex (TDD) is applied. Although it will contain information sent and received on the same frequency, but slightly delayed. In addition to a download of up to 100 Mbit / s enables the B593 wireless access of up to 32 wireless devices. Furthermore, computers can be via Ethernet cable tie.


Huawei B593 100Mbps LTE Router supports HD video downloads and VoIP


Huawei says that the router provides bandwidth equivalent to those of wired broadband solutions. Operators could therefore their customers via LTE cost effective and flexible supply with fast Internet, even without expensive network infrastructure on the ground. With the Huawei B593 enables both HD video downloads perform as well as watch videos in real time. It adds that the Huawei B593 router also in the home office and small businesses come in use, since it is both for VoIP 'll use as well as offering connectivity for phone, fax and printer.