Earlier this week, Globe Telecom had a press conference announcing their own version of Tattoo LTE service which will go live this September. And now, there are many different models for 4G LTE Modem in the market, more and more people are pursuing the fast 4G wireless network, so ,select a suitable 4G LTE Modem become an fashion trend and important thing.


However, the PR did not really have any concrete information regarding the exact date, plan, pricing and speed so we went back and asked more questions.There is no exact date as to the launch except that it will be this September. This could mean preparations are still under way so expect the final date to be much closer to the end of the month.


While they did not say what type of plan and pricing, the folks from Globe Social Media stated the promised speed is up to 100Mbps and not the theoretical 100Mbps that LTE is capable.Usually,the device for 4G LTE Modem supports 100Mbps download high speed.


What’s so special with the 42Mbps? Well, the LTE dongle that they will probably be using is the Huawei E392 which has a maximum speed of 100Mbps (so it’s really a hardware limitation).


huawei e392


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I’ve also been told that the $700 million network modernization program is actually just 50% completed so this doesn’t mean that all those recent network problems we’ve been experiencing will be resolved anytime soon.