>> Huawei E586 ---21Mbps high speed, Fast, Accurate & Relentless


Huawei E586 HSPA+ MiFi as a high-end 3G products, not only has a 21Mbps HSPA + network transmission, but also provide Wi-Fi for friends to share. Under your control and enjoy fastest speed to open picture and website, download, watch movie, playing games etc. Here, get the special price of this unlocked Huawei E586 3G routing is only 169$ now on 4glteway.com store, just hurry to get one if you like.



Huawei 21Mbps Mobile hotspot –E586 front panel with aluminum case design, more dynamic, good texture and compact styling is quite attractive. The top of the screen comes with a protective film can effectively prevent scratches left on the screen. The next part of the Huawei logo is a good interpretation of this product from the door. Overall items exquisite quality into the user can be assured. This unlocked Huawei E586 display the most obvious upgrade, compared with the previous product, the display lights of the Huawei E586 HSPA+ MiFi replaced with full text and graphic information display, the only four states allowing users to get more convenient access for device status and network status information which would be convenient enough for wide users.

>> Say goodbye to cable network, enjoy 3G wireless network freely
 Surf the internet need the cable network, transfer the document need USB cable, router still need telephone lines?? Oh, NO! Smart times now, refuse the cable network , find the Huawei E586 HSPA+ MiFi get simple and convenient two-way wireless experience--3G wireless access and WIFI sharing. The received signal, launch the network, all wireless to complete, as long as the unlock Huawei E586 close in your hand, the wireless is more easily.


>> Huawei 21Mbps Mobile hotspot E586—Best parent for your PAD.
Bring your PAD to walk the world, match the network at the same time, happy to go with PAD, subway, coffee shop, travel, How can it if there is no network? Unlock Huawei E586 with the maximum downlink speeds of 21.6Mbps, the maximum uplink rate of 5.76Mbps, anytime, anywhere to plug in the network wings to your PAD, and enjoy 3G and WIFI double the wireless world, incoming mail, brush the web, look at pictures, play games, more happier with it. Furthermore. Huawei 21Mbps Mobile hotspot support of HSPA +, HSUPA, HSDPA,, UMTS, 3G networks, while supporting EDGE, GPRS, GSM and other 2G networks. users can easily achieve the 3G/2G convert the demand for high-speed WiFi network.

>> Turned to the network hot spots with unlocked Huawei E586, becoming focus in friends and family
Huawei E586 HSPA+ MiFi packaging contains a host, lithium battery and USB cable. The lithium battery is a 1500mAh high capacity battery, long battery life of 4.5 hours’ work, fully meet the needs of the mobile office. The supplied USB cable has the exclusive power to support port and adapter plugs, allowing users to charge the device directly through the power jack. Huawei 21Mbps Mobile hotspot—E586 can support 5 WIFI user access network at the same time, which can share network with families at home, and no need to worry to grab the Internet, even away from home, the gathering of friends, still can through the unlocked Huawei E586 to let everyone spend time online ! Be the network stars in your relative circles.