Although it has not been a long time since we human beings came into the Age of the Internet, today, more and more people are used to enjoy the Internet life by their own ways. As is known to all, tings on internet are rich and varied, and so as our ways to get into the network. Since better internet speed means better internet experience, as a result, many manufacturers have been dedicated to communication technology to improve the network connection. HUAWEI is one of those experts, and has supplied many high-tech products which help us surf the internet conveniently. Now, this company is releasing a new wireless router, Huawei HG556A 3G Router, which is advanced at network connection.

Unlock Huawei HG556A is a wireless router which combines the functions of a router with the functions of a wireless access point and a network switch. We can use this device to share a single IP address among multiple networks without any lines. And Huawei HG556A 3G Router can function in a wired LAN, in a wireless-only LAN, or in a mixed wired network. Here let’s see the advantages of this unlock Vodafone HG556A 3G Router in detail.

  1. Built-in ADSL2 plus 64M Memory


This unlock Huawei HG556A is designed with Built-in ADSL2 and 64M Memory, so when it functions, the 64M Memory will help avoid date missing.

  1. Build-in ADSL2 plus modem


Unlike other wireless routers, the unlock Vodafone HG556A 3G Router can work with a modem, which make it functions as a mobile router. And for ADSL broadband, we can plug devices directly to the telephone line. The Frequency Range of this router is 2.4 ~ 2.4835GHz, and its transfer rate is 64M.

  1. Multiple interfaces building multiple functions


The ADSL2 plus interface of Huawei HG556A 3G Router supports ITU G.992.1, G.992.3 ADSL2, G.992.5 ADSL2 plus Annex A, ANSI T1.413 Issue 2. And on the back of unlock Vodafone HG556A 3G Router, the double USB connection simultaneously supports the 3G wireless router. These USB interfaces support USB 2.0 host port, HUAWEI HSPA USB interface link driver, mutual data backup of ADSL2+ uplink and USB port uplink. Besides, the Ethernet interfaces of unlock Huawei HG556A provides four 10/100 M auto-sensing Ethernet interfaces, which supports Ethernet switch function. Finally there is a Wi-Fi interface supporting 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n, SSID hiding and 32 connections, which makes the function of Huawei HG556A 3G Router more perfect.

As HUAWEI is cooperating with Vodafone in some areas, this unlock Huawei HG556A is also called Vodafone Huawei HG556A 3G Wireless Router. Note this unlock Vodafone HG556A 3G Router is a newest 3G wireless router which is BCM6358-based router, branded by Vodafone. If you are serious with your network, Huawei HG556A 3G Wireless Router will turn out to be a useful hotspot.