Digital supermarket is a unique product - Modem Huawei Hi-Universe E369, designed specifically for active people who live online. According to the manufacturer, it is the smallest in the world of USB-modem this level and he developed jointly with Intel!

New product is ideal for those who travel a lot - thanks to the support of multiple communication standards including UMTS, users can connect to the Internet in virtually all countries of the world, without the need for additional adjustments to the SIM card of any operator.

The device has unsurpassed performance characteristics. The innovative chipset Intel XMM 6260, the underlying innovations, provides Internet access speed to 21 Mbit / sec. In this case, the active phase of Huawei Hi-Universe E369 consumes 30% less electricity than other USB-modems that support a similar access speed, and thus provides a longer working mobile computer that is connected to the device.

Huawei Hi-Universe E369 has a miniature size (65 x 24.5 x 8 mm) and a flawless appearance. Fans will be able to choose the brightest technology a Hi-E369 Universe , the most appropriate individual style and mood: the rear panel of the device is made ​​in the classic color of steel, while the front is available in several colors. Elegant cap connector housing is held in by magnets.

Holders of the most modern mobile devices - ultrabukov - will appreciate the new device Huawei Device. Thanks to the restrained, and at the same time, elegant design, Huawei E369 Hi-Universe looks great with devices of this type.

Compact and stylish 3G-modem Huawei Hi-Universe E369 - soon in all digital supermarkets DNS! Stay tuned for the catalog.


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