Every time when anyone of us surfs the Internet, high speed network will make our experience on net more comfortable. Thus high-tech product which can help quicken the internet speed will attract us in no time. While as so many modems are coming into our sight, it is hard to choose a proper one for ourselves. Nowadays we have successfully made our Internet life much more wonderful then it once turned out to be. But our efforts made on cyber world have never stopped. As a result making network more smooth and supplying higher speed internet have become a target of the net technology members. Here, a latest modem product named as Huawei E372 USB Stick has appeared on the market, which is portable and can help us enjoy fast speed network.



Just as the picture shows, the unlocked Huawei E372 is small and light. So we can take it easily anywhere we go. Though it looks so little, and seems to have not much difference from other USB modems as the outlook of Huawei E372 USB Stick turns out to be, its functions should never be neglected. Now let’s talk about some advantages of this smart modem.

First, this E372 Huawei 42M USB Stick is supported by the dual carrier HSPA+ network platform, which assures the connection to the web steady and rapidly. The unlocked Huawei E372 is so strong that can helps us march in the Internet world with twice speed of the normal standard up to 42Mbps for its downlink peak data rate can up to 42Mbps in dual carrier, and uplink can up to 5.76Mbps.

Second, this Huawei E372 USB Stick is well designed for bringing and matches your business life style as well. Its business suit looks very exquisite and the modernistic style body gives out strong visual impact. Unlocked Huawei E372 is a portable USB stick and faster, which is ideal for notebook, especially perfect for people who need to work at different places. And the E372 Huawei 42M USB Stick also ensures high speed when we play game, watch movie, check email, Read news, etc. When we travel or work outside, taking this smart wireless modem can be fashion and useful.

Last, the technique which E372 Huawei 42M USB Stick is based on its advance. It has optional external antenna connector to extend coverage and supports external Antenna interface. The chip platform MDM 8220 has been made in it. The Receive Diversity is DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/UMTS 2100/1900/900/850MHz. The unlocked Huawei E372 also supports Micro SD card slot which can be up to 32GB.

It is worth raising that the E372 Huawei 42M USB Stick is made by Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, who is a leading global ICT solutions provider. By providing competitive ICT solutions and services, they are committed to creating maximum value for telecom carriers. And their products have been deployed in more than 140 countries, serving over one third of the world's population. All of these datum has proved Huawei E372 USB Stick is a masterwork of modem products.

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