Vodafone today announced the Vodafone B2000 LTE Router next to the popular Vodafone B1000 LTE router. Technically the Vodafone B2000 LTE Router meets again almost exactly the counterpart Telekom Telekom Speedbox LTE , which was also presented at CeBIT - both devices are the Huawei B593 router (exactly: Huawei B593u-12). Not surprisingly therefore, the technical specifications are identical, only the RJ11 phone jacks are the Vodafone B2000 LTE Router in addition:


vodafone b2000 data


Vodafone B2000 LTE Router is of course again in the typical white Vodafone design and the user interface is preconfigured for Vodafone. This Vodafone B2000 LTE Router will become one of popular model in 4G LTE Router on the market.Vodafone to launch prices are known, but you can also just now the identical order Telekom Speedbox LTE .Interesting to know that the B2000 is not one of the "DSL replacement rates" should be available by telephone, but only to the "normal" mobile data tariffs . The team from Easybox and Turbobox is therefore not initially replaced, although a Easybox with integrated LTE is being planned, which will appear later in the year.See below picture for Vodafone B2000 :


vodafone b2000



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