First May 2011 Sharing the Vodafone LTE internet connection in the home, there are Vodafone LTE router or wireless router. Similar as in the Vodafone DSL rates, you can use such an LTE wireless router Vodafone LTE tariffs also among multiple computers / laptops in your household use (eg PC and the children in the home office).


Router LTE / LTE wireless router for sharing the LTE access at home


Nowadays, it is common for households to have more than one computer, for example, a computer in their parents' living room and a laptop to the children. Or even in shared flats / housing for rent often 2 or more computers are available. To Vodafone LTE use Internet connection with multiple computers in the same household / apartment, is a Vodafone LTE wireless router (wireless network) or LTE router (wired network) is required. Vodafone is relying on a device known LTE network equipment. Specifically for the Vodafone Internet Flat and Vodafone LTE Doppelflat tariffs phone devices gibts a very affordable hardware bundle / package from Vodafone Easy Box WLAN and LTE TurboBox .



Vodafone Easy Box 803 (wireless router) with Vorschalte LTE modem (Vodafone TurboBox)


With the Vodafone LTE tariffs you can not only very fast surfing by "radio" on the Internet, but also phone calls. With this Vodafone LTE tariffs do you need a phone connection from Telekom, Alice, 1 & 1, etc. more, but get phone and Internet from a single source and at an affordable monthly fee. To use this Vodafone LTE LTE flat rate offers, you need a router with phone function. Vodafone has solved this in the front of the very well known Vodafone Easy Box 803 (DSL modem, wireless router and a PBX in a) just a LTE modem is hung in front and there you go. The Vodafone LTE external antenna gibts on request in bad Vodafone LTE receiver as an accessory. The Vodafone LTE TurboBox, LTE EasyBox, LTE external antenna and the powerline adapters we have, as an independent LTE consultant, incidentally tested already live, you can see this, our video field test of Vodafone LTE , which we send can also arrange a video DVD. Details EasyBox + LTE TurboBox


Vodafone B1000 LTE Router (same Huawei B390s-2 and Telekom Speedport LTE)


To use the Vodafone LTE home Internet Flat S fares (without phone function, pure LTE Internetflatrate) there is the Vodafone B1000 LTE Router (same as Huawei B390s-2 or even theTelekom Speedport LTE ). This Vodafone LTE router from Huawei, contact Vodafone for a very reasonable price, while in the telecom for the identical device manufacturer Huawei, according to statements at the CeBit 2011 probably 4.95 € are due monthly (terminal service package).


Details for this Vodafone B1000 LTE Router


* LTE Frequency: 800MHz
* LTE 100Mbps DL
* LTE 50Mbps UL
* DL 2*2MIMO     
* 4 Ethernet ports   
* 2*ports RJ11 fixed phone
* WiFi 802.11b/g/n     
* Up to 32 device supports
* Chipset: HiSilicon Hi6910  
* Dimensions: 177*193*34mm
* Weight: 900g  
* Support VOIP telephone, fax, printers and other office equipment     
* Operating System: Windows XP SP2/SP3, Vista SP2/SP3, Win 7, Mac OS X 10.4/10.5, Opensuse, Ubuntu