Vodafone R210 -provides 5 devices with high-speed Internet.

Vodafone has introduced the R210 its first LTE Mifi.CHIP Online has undergone the mobile wireless router from Huawei a practical check. The small wireless router from Vodafone is about the size of a Motorola Defy + and fits comfortably in your pocket. In the small box inserted a 3,000 mAh battery that provides approximately four hours of electricity supply in the mobile continuous operation. For day-long business trips or even holidays, the Vodafone R210 is so only if you have regular access to a power source. Practical: Produced by Huawei Mifi has a micro-USB port, the charging cable that is compatible with many smartphones. A USB cable with AC adapter also lies with the delivery.



Simple & quick

Setting up the Vodafone R210 goes quickly and comfortably from Refit: Please connect your computer or smartphone to the first unprotectedWLAN . There you enter your PIN number and activate the wireless protection. The Wi-Fi password is the way to the back of Mifis. The small screen of the Vodafone R210 LTE MiFi hotspot does show the network strength and battery level, but that's more comfortable with the "Vodafone Mobile Wifi Monitor" for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch , and Android is available. Once Wi-Fi enabled smart phones and tablets are connected to the Mifi, it indicates the battery level, signal strength, and the used network technology. Also, the connection time and the consumed amount of data can be queried. Ultimately read as well as any text and save yourself inserting the SIM card into a mobile phone to read this. Mifi was off, you only have to start the app and enter the PIN.


Great app downloads possible. Practice-- Fixer download, high stability

CHIP Online has conducted field tests in terms of stability of the connection, connect time, throughput and mobility.This Vodafone R210 LTE MiFi hotspot is a real jack of all trades: Besides 4G Mifi also sees itself on the standard 3G network to HSPA + and 2G EDGE. The maximum LTE download speed is 50 megabits per second, which can be achieved in urban areas. Around Munich we reached 20 Mbit per second, a very good value. Within an office building in Munich LTE reception was poor, but we were able to nearly 1.4 gigabyte Android App asphalt 7 download in less than 25 minutes.This gives a rate of about one MB per second. During a one-hour drive away, with varying 2G, 3G and 4G reception we could also download the app without any problems or crashes. Also, the parallel use of five mobile devices with the Mifi is possible impairment duringsurfing is felt only in 2G and 3G coverage. Conclusion: Wireless was never as mobile , the LTE-enabled mobile wireless router Vodafone R210 could check in . convince The unit is easy to operate thanks to the useful apps and will not let you down. Especially during holiday trips and you save on expensive hotel Wi-Fi fees. In addition, you can save money when the whole family uses the Mifi instead of booking up to five data-Flats.