Recently, in the Vodafone shop under "Hardware", a new LTE-stick surfaced. This is called sheet Vodafone K5006-Z and heir, so to speak, the former top model vodafone K5005. What the drive offers more and how much it costs?


Sheet Vodafone K5006-Z

vodafone k5006-z


The new model differs from its predecessor only in nuances. Suffice to summarize already betrayed. Initially falls on the slightly modified design.Vodafone remains of course the white-red look loyal. However, this time, the surface is smooth. The vodafone K5005 was quite elegant, streamlined elements. But so be it, it is indeed on the inner values. The maximum download speed that can be achieved with the stick is, at 100 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream. Standard, so to speak, and completely suitable for by Vodafone offer mobile LTE tariffs . The supported LTE bands include 800MHz and 2600 MHz [1]. To telecom tariffs stick should not ever match. The Vodafone K5006-Z is backward compatible with UMTS, HSPA + and GPRS.


Two versions

The correct name of the previous section presented sticks is actually sheet Vodafone K5006-Z . Vodafone goes this time a rather unusual way. In addition to the Z model, there will probably be a H-model. The Z is obvious to the manufacturer ZTE, Huawei for H. ZTE is primarily intended for private customers.


Other key data for this Vodafone K5006-Z

Like its predecessor, too, can be folded to the USB arm. An external antenna to the receiver gain can be connectiert by TS9 port. The device offers as usual a memory slot that accommodates microSD cards. Sun can extend the surf stick for little money to USB memory stick.