Have you ever known Huawei B200 3G Router and have you ever known Huawei E560 Mobile Hotspot or HUAWEI E589 LTE 4G router? There seems has. But have you ever known HUAWEI B683 wireless router, do you use it? If not, why not follow me to know more about this 3G Router Gateway?


The most important point is that the unlocked Huawei B683 is a wireless router which can help you join in the internet without any line connection. Although many people are still use the common router to share one IP account with certain lines, nowadays ,the wireless router is becoming more and more popular.


B683 3G router is another new one from HUAWEI, which supports 28.8Mbps and 5.76Mbps DL & UL, as the same time the  is equipped with four LAN ports and a USB port for connecting a hard drive or a printer that can be shared, fully unlocked, free SIM card!


Why HUAWEI B683 is more popular in our daily life ? Although LTE 4G router is fast, the LTE network coverage is not enough, just in less areas like the development cities, however the others poor or not enough rich countries’ people could not be experience the 100Mbps, so what they can do? 3G HSPA networks is widely coverage for all over the world. HUAWEI B683 is mostly use to the office and home family, and you may be heard that B683 is the next generation home gateway after HUAWEI B970b .do you think so ?


In addition, HUAWEI B683 router is deferent between other mobile hotspots, it is not only supports Wi-Fi accessing, but also supports Ethernet links, so that it is could be sharing signal with WIFI tools as like note book, psp , printer, cell phone, the important is that also connects the desk computer, so that wires and wireless two in one!


Plus the Wireless B683 router is particularly a practical router with latest technical supports and multiple functions. This 28.8Mbps Huawei B683 wireless router is support voice and data services too.


Huawei is a leading global ICT solutions provider .Their product and solutions have been deployed in over 140 countries, serving more than one third of the world's population. Huawei's vision is to enrich life through communication. B683 3G router as one of Huawei produces. It is a reliable product no matter price or quality is so reasonable


HUAWEI B683 has so many advantages, why not choose it?