ZTE AL621 4G LTE Modem Review

ZTE AL621 is a 4G LTE USB modem designed to run on LTE and HSPA networks. It supports the mainstream FDD 4G LTE frequency 2600MHz and compatible with the 3G DC-HSPA+/UMTS networks, auto switch between 4G/3G/2G, up to 100Mbps and 50Mbsp LTE speeds, 42Mbps and 5.76Mbps speeds under 3G mode.

The ZTE AL621 is  unlock version, it does not need to crack, only need direct Insert SIM card can be used(Install the client to achieve the real does not need to drive operation and automatic link).ZTE AL621 is the fastest speed on the network card device at present.

It has a lot of advantages:

1.USB cable link the computer,it can reduce the heat of the computer on the equipment directly.

2.The ZTE AL621 of the dual antenna is very humane setting can received-super signal.

3.Minimum pyrexia of the devices in the NIC devices on 4G.

ZTE A621 downloads speed up to 100Mbps,the most significant feature is supported CPC (Continuous packet connectivity)also named permanent online technology.So,it will increase network efficiency to prevent network congestion.Enhance network capacity so that the number of online users has doubled,VOIP user capacity increased by 50% and reducing the network delay then makes web browsing more fluid.

ZTE AL621 Specifications:

• Support LTE / DC-HSPA + / HSPA / UMTS
• Simple installation
• Insert the card can be used immediately

Support frequency:

• LTE FDD 2600MHz
• UMTS 900/1900/2100MHz
• EDGE/GPRS 900/1800MHz

Support System: Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista Windows 7

The box includes: (new in original packaging)

• One ZTE AL621 equipment
• 2 of the root USB data lines
ZTE AL621 Manual


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Easy and pleasant to use Sierra Wireless Aircard 320U

Sierra Wireless AirCard 320U, also known as the Telstra USB 4G, is for LTE networks and offers download speeds of up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds up to 50 Mbps. In addition to LTE, it supports Dual Carrier HSPA+ and earlier versions of HSPA+.

Telstra AirCard 320U LTE is the one star of Sierra serial 4G Wireless modems. In the serial, there is Sierra 313u for LTE band 700Mhz, Sierra 320u for LTE band 1800/2600Mhz and Sierra 330 for 1700/2100/2600MHz. This serial almost covers all the LTE broadband worldwide that had deployed. Since LTE band 3 (1800mhz) and band 7 (2600Mhz) are commonly deployed in Europe and Asia, Sierra 320u is no doubt the star product in 4G era.

Sierra 320u can be used with Telstra Pre-paid and Telstra Post-paid SIMs but not with Bigpond SIMs. With HSPA + / HSPA backup, it can also be used with any other carriers that support the 850Mhz, 900Mhz or 2100Mhz network bands.

How to install Sierra 320U:

Step 1

Remove the back cover and insert the SIM card as shown in the illustrations.

Step 2
Insert the modem into the USB slot.

The LED could show the status of the modem:

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New Arrived Huawei B593u-12 Review

Huawei B593 LTE TDD wireless broadband router has been got the world’s first LTE TDD wireless broadband router commercial license. This is from operators Mobily Saudi Arabia, the world’s first LTE router commercial contract. B593 is the world’s first LTE TDD wireless broadband router.

Huawei B593 unlocked 4G LTE mobile hotspot router supports LTE TDD and FDD, allows up to 32 wireless access WiFi devices (laptop / phone / tablet PCs, etc.), while also supporting desktop computer access through the Ethernet cable, up to 100M download speedssuch as speed, which can provide for more than one terminal to surf the Internet, high-definition video downloads and online on-demand network services such as real-time video transmission, the family immediately become a forever online information and entertainment center; Huawei B593 can also connect the VOIP telephone / fax, printers and other office equipment and services in the SOHO and small businesses.

Mobily is a wholly owned subsidiary of the multinational operators Etisalat Etisalat in Saudi Arabia,it is the second largest mobile operator in Saudi Arabia. The Mobily LTE TDD wireless broadband router Huawei B593, the main reason for that is that the unique technical advantages of the Huawei B593 wireless high-speed download. This desert region in West Asia, sparsely populated, large investments in fixed-line construction, recovery slow, objective limits the development of domestic fixed-line and provide comparable fixed-line broadband bandwidth wireless broadband router Huawei B593, has therefore become the Argentine carriers of choice.

Huawei B593 unlocked 4G LTE router Specification:

LTE4G Multimode supports
LTE 100/50Mbps @ 20M bandwidth
LTEDD 800/900/1800/2100/2600MHz
4 Ethernet ports
2 x pots
WiFi 802.11b/g/n
Up to 32 device supports
Support VOIP telephone, fax, printers and other office equipment
Operating System: Win7/ XP/ 2000, Linux,  Mac.

Huawei B593

Huawei B593 Review

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Using Huawei E5331 enjoy the network funs at anytime and anywhere

Now, with the rapid development of science and technology, communication becomes more and more important. For example, When at work, communication is possible to determine a big business, thus affecting the development of the company; In life, friends and family members will contact with us at any time, let us keep chatting even if by a long distance, we can have a conversation at face-to-face. Imagining that how convenient it is, Huawei E5331 is able to have such role. If Huawei E5311 in our hands, anywhere in the world we can go.

Huawei E5331 3G Mobile Pocket WiFi is one of the latest most popular portable 3G hotspot from Huawei. After released to market, Huawei E5331 mobile 3G router always has been a star of Huawei E5 family. Even now, there are still a lot of users prefer it.So why? Perhaps because its fashion design and good price.

HUAWEI E5331 3G 21Mbps Mobile WiFi Hotspot

1 – Signal indicator
2 – Wi-Fi indicator
3 – Battery indicator
4 – SMS indicator
5 – Strap hole
6 – Power button
7 – USB port(Micro USB Type B)

HUAWEI E5331 Mobile WiFi supports 3G UMTS 900/2100Mhz and 2G GSM 1900/1800/900/850MHz,it supports maximum 8 users to share the network. And the operation icon is more simple, just one button on the front. There is no LED screen display, just 4 indicators with the power button. Perhaps the LED screen save the cost of HUAWEI E5331 Pocket WiFi.

Highlights & Details

  1. With up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices (and 1 device via USB 2.0) simultaneously to the Internet
  2. Internet-/Intranetzugang mobile with up to 21.6 Mbit / s
  3. Plug and Play Software Installation
  4. For Windows ® XP (SP2 or later), Windows ® Vista SP2 (32/64), Windows ® 7 (32/64), Mac ® OS 10.5 or later, Linux Kernel2.6.18or later
  5. MAC filtering, HTTP file sharing, DMZ, port forwarding and VPN
  6. Lithium-polymer battery, 1500 mAh for 280h standby or 6 hours of use
  7. SMS send and receive
  8. LED display for battery level, network signal, wireless status and SMS
  9. Controlled and configured via free “HUAWEI Mobile WiFi” app for Android ™ and iOS
  10. Free for all SIM cards

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HUAWEI E5331 3G 21Mbps Mobile WiFi Hotspot