Buy AirCard 760S 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot is also a good choose

I think you should not know much about the AirCard 760S,  then you should get to know it, because, you definitely be of interest to it, are you also lack of a Mobile Hotspot Card, then, do not hesitate, AirCardthe 760S is a good choice. Calm down, let us gradual know more about the Sierra Wireless Aircard 760s LTE Mobile Hotspot .

Accessing 4G LTE service or connectivity with the AirCard 760S mobile hotspot brings enormous potential for mobile workers, travelers, or even families looking to expand their Internet capabilities at home or on the go. This second generation LTE mobile hotspot from Sierra Wireless is easy to setup in under a minute and can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices. In addition, dock it into an AirCard Hub to connect up to 20 devices through Wi-Fi or Ethernet so you can network your devices at home or in a small office. The AirCard 760S is suited for network operators in the Asia-Pacific region.

Sierra Wireless introduces three new LTE mobile hotspots, the AirCard 760S, AirCard 762S and AirCard 763S, each intended for different markets. These new mobile hotspots can share 4G LTE high-speed connection to up to 10 WiFi devices at the same time. Not only LTE 4G, all three models support Dual-carrier HSPA+, HSPA and UMTS 3G networks, with a max uplink speed of 50Mbps and downlink speed of 100Mbps.

The AirCard 762S will be launched in Europe and the AirCArd 763S in Canada on the Rogers LTE network. The former supports LTE 800/1800/2100/2600 MHz, HSPA+/HSPA 900/2100 MHz and dual-band 2G, while the latter works on LTE 2600 (B7) MHz, AWS and Dual-Carrier HSPA+ 850/900/2100 MHz (variant 1) or 800/900/2100 (variant 2).

The AirCard 76xS mobile hotspots all have WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button for securely connect a device easily, and a large LCD display for easy setup and connection management. They also include built-in GPS support and a microSD card slot.

Sierra 760s Specs:

  • Network Technology: LTE; Dual Carrier HSPA+; HSPA; UMTS
  • Frequency Bands: LTE 1800/2100/2600 MHz
  • Dual-Carrier HSPA+ 850/900/2100 MHz
  • Max Uplink Speed: 50 Mbps
  • Max Downlink: Speed 100 Mbps

More information about LTE Router is in the

AirCard 760S

Sierra Wireless Aircard 760s LTE Mobile Hotspot

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