ZTE AL621 4G LTE Modem Review

ZTE AL621 is a 4G LTE USB modem designed to run on LTE and HSPA networks. It supports the mainstream FDD 4G LTE frequency 2600MHz and compatible with the 3G DC-HSPA+/UMTS networks, auto switch between 4G/3G/2G, up to 100Mbps and 50Mbsp LTE speeds, 42Mbps and 5.76Mbps speeds under 3G mode.

The ZTE AL621 is  unlock version, it does not need to crack, only need direct Insert SIM card can be used(Install the client to achieve the real does not need to drive operation and automatic link).ZTE AL621 is the fastest speed on the network card device at present.

It has a lot of advantages:

1.USB cable link the computer,it can reduce the heat of the computer on the equipment directly.

2.The ZTE AL621 of the dual antenna is very humane setting can received-super signal.

3.Minimum pyrexia of the devices in the NIC devices on 4G.

ZTE A621 downloads speed up to 100Mbps,the most significant feature is supported CPC (Continuous packet connectivity)also named permanent online technology.So,it will increase network efficiency to prevent network congestion.Enhance network capacity so that the number of online users has doubled,VOIP user capacity increased by 50% and reducing the network delay then makes web browsing more fluid.

ZTE AL621 Specifications:

• Support LTE / DC-HSPA + / HSPA / UMTS
• Simple installation
• Insert the card can be used immediately

Support frequency:

• LTE FDD 2600MHz
• UMTS 900/1900/2100MHz
• EDGE/GPRS 900/1800MHz

Support System: Windows XP SP2 Windows Vista Windows 7

The box includes: (new in original packaging)

• One ZTE AL621 equipment
• 2 of the root USB data lines
ZTE AL621 Manual


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